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Data provision by WM via EDDY_XML

In connection with the implementation of the 2nd Shareholders’ Rights Directive (SRD II), WM will support intermediaries with data deliveries from the following areas:

  • Requests to disclose the identity of shareholders
  • Information on the invitation to the Annual General Meeting
  • Information on Corporate Actions (ex Annual General Meetings)

Due to outstanding open issues regarding the Implementing Regulation on a European level and its transposition into national laws, the exact scope of the new fields to be provided cannot yet be clarified.

The finalisation of the field requirements will take place after completion of the German legislative process in coordination with the respective WM working group. According to current planning, the new fields will be introduced with the 91st Amendment Service in February 2020.

Due to the special format requirements of the Commission Implementing Regulation, the new fields for SRD II will be provided exclusively in EDDy_XML. Delivery in XML also makes it easier for intermediaries to forward the relevant data in the format specified by the Regulation (e.g. as part of the disclosure of shareholder identities).